Budgeting has never been more convenient! 

Monitor your spending within online banking through Trends, our personal finance manager.  Track spending, set goals, and create personalized budgets.  Develop a complete financial picture across all online accounts and institutions. Trends offers the tools to simplify money management, analyze spending habits, review investment portfolios and take control of your finances.





 Trends - Key Features
Dashboard The Trends landing page is the Dashboard.  The Dashboard provides a consolidated view of the your asset and liability accounts, net worth, top securities, and a breakdown of their portfolio by institution or account type.
Add Accounts Process

The Add Accounts process allows you to add your financial accounts to your profile.  You can add accounts in two ways:

  • The primary method of adding accounts is to search for financial institution and provide credentials for the aggregation service to retrieve the account data.
  • The secondary method of adding accounts is to manually enter account information using the offline account workflow.
Cash Transactions The Cash Transactions screen provides a listing of transactions from your banking and credit card accounts.  Searching and filtering functionality provide powerful tools to query cash flow activity.
Cash Analysis The Cash Analysis screen delivers graphical tools to help identify trends and insight into income and expense activity over different periods of time.
Budgets The Budgets screen provides tools for you to monitor and manage spending in selected categories.
Goals The Goals screen provides tools and methodology for users to track and achieve savings goals.
Holdings The Holdings screen provides a consolidated view of security holdings across accounts.
Accounts The Accounts screen provides functionality to add, edit, and delete accounts within the service. 
Account Details The Account Details screen provides detailed data for an individual account, including balances, holdings, and transactions.
Profile The Profile screen provides a view of your profile information and email alert settings.